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ADMISSIONS A.Y. 2017/2018

Dear prospective students,

we remind you that this is the last year that the Master Degree in International Accounitng will be activated, as it will be dismissed starting from the a.y. 2018/2019.

If you wish to pre-enroll for International Accounting course, you may complete the procedure from the MyUniTo system (to which you must register before) choosing the section "PROFESSIONI CONTABILI LM-77" and sending an email to indicating your pre-matriculation number and that you would like to enroll in the english version of Professioni Contabili: International Accounting.

Please note that it is mandatory to choose the section UniTo/Non-UniTo depending on which university you come from (i.e. internal students will have to choose UniTo, external students Non-UniTo)

Pre-enrollment for everyone is open now until the 16th of July 2017, ONLY for UniTo students there will be one last call from the 18th of July until the 30th of July 2017.

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