The new Postgraduate Degree in International Accounting, which is taught fully in English, is an extension of the Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration (now Business Management) and is part of the international initiative of the School of Management and Economics, which is now recognized in many international scientific agreements and exchange programs for students and academics from foreign universities.

EXAMS on Esse3 Platform

Dear Students, it is now possible to regularly register for the exams on the Esse3 platform.

Due to technical problems the procedure was lagging and not working properly till now: we will set (by the end of January) a special "REGISTRATION DATE ONLY" for the exams you weren't able to register for previously.

Please look at the page: http://www.intacc.unito.it/do/home.pl/View?doc=statiche/per_chi_studia_con_noi/Esami/Informazioni_esami.html for the updated exam's calendar.

EXAM SCHEDULE - Winter Session


Please refer to the attachment and check regularly for updates.

We set a specific date for registration of the exams you already passed in this semester: ADVANCED MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING, CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENT, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (ADVANCED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING). The date for registration is 22/12/14. THIS IS AN ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY: you don't have to show up.

Remember that online registration on Esse3 is compulsory and you have to fill in your PIANO CARRIERA at least 2 days before registration of your first exam.


Esse3 Exams Registration

Dear Students,

we would like to remind you that to register for your exams, you have to follow the instructions on the file "Instructions to apply for exams 2014-2015", that was published on the University website with all the information regarding the procedure.

The document is available at the following link:


IMPORTANT: Please remember that online registration with MyUniTo/Esse3 system is COMPULSORY. 

-->  In order to register your marks of the exams that you already passed in the previous session, it is also compulsory that you log into the ESSE3 system and follow the enrollment procedure, marking in the “note field” that you want to REGISTER the mark of the previous exam held on… (put the date of the examination and the final mark). At the end of each semester we will set a specific day for registrations. PAY ATTENTION: this information applies only to English Version exams from Business Management and International Accounting courses.

Exceptionally, as for the integrated exams (composed by two modules), you have to directly contact the professor to apply to the first module, and ONLY after having passed also the SECOND module, you will be able to register the whole exam. 

Students who FAILED an exam and want to retry it need to enroll on the system too and HAVE TO SHOW UP at the DATE and ROOM marked.


Dear Students,

please note that the period for teaching quality assessment started on November 10th, 2014 and will end on February 14th, 2015.

Students must carry out the assessment questionnaire through the following website: https://fire.rettorato.unito.it/edumeter2/

For any further details, look at : Qualità della didattica: opinione studenti.

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