The new Postgraduate Degree in International Accounting, which is taught fully in English, is an extension of the Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration (now Business Management) and is part of the international initiative of the School of Management and Economics, which is now recognized in many international scientific agreements and exchange programs for students and academics from foreign universities.


FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE : http://www.sme.unito.it/it/node/894

SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO inglese.management@unito.it

DEADLINE: December, 4th 2015



Quality of teaching: students opinion CLICK HERE
Time interval for assessment : November 16, 2015 - February 14, 2016
Pay attention please: Students enrolled from the second year onwards - in order to assess the lessons of the first half of 2015/2016 A.Y. - are required to fill out new questionnaires that include questions about University services they benefited and exams that they supported in the previous academic year.
Therefore please consult the video tutorial before completing the questionnaire on EduMeter application.


Students from 2nd Year - exam enrollment - mandatory: compilation of new Edumeter - video tutorial instruction

Students from 2nd Year - exam enrollment - mandatory: compilation of new Edumeter  - video tutorial instruction

In the academic year 2015-2016 became operational a new questionnaire on EduMeter  for students enrolled in the second year.

This application requires to express the opinion on the services used by students at the University of Turin and on the exams passed in the previous academic year (how to conduct the examination, relevance of the exam topics compared to the course materials recommended for the preparation,  congruence between CFU and teaching load).

Filling out the questionnaire is mandatory to access to the enrollment to the subsequent exams. The questionnaire aims to lead the University of Turin to a targeted change by identifying critical and / or excellence emerged from the data obtained.

A video tutorial on the new questionnaire is available.


Esse3 Exams Registration

Dear Students,

we would like to remind you that to register for your exams, you have to follow the instructions on the file "Instructions to apply for exams 2014-2015", that was published on the University website with all the information regarding the procedure.

The document is available at the following link:


IMPORTANT: Please remember that online registration with MyUniTo/Esse3 system is COMPULSORY. 

-->  In order to register your marks of the exams that you already passed in the previous session, it is also compulsory that you log into the ESSE3 system and follow the enrollment procedure, marking in the “note field” that you want to REGISTER the mark of the previous exam held on… (put the date of the examination and the final mark). At the end of each semester we will set a specific day for registrations. PAY ATTENTION: this information applies only to English Version exams from Business Management and International Accounting courses.

Exceptionally, as for the integrated exams (composed by two modules), you have to directly contact the professor to apply to the first module, and ONLY after having passed also the SECOND module, you will be able to register the whole exam. 

Students who FAILED an exam and want to retry it need to enroll on the system too and HAVE TO SHOW UP at the DATE and ROOM marked.

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