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After graduation

The Postgraduate Degree in International Accounting aims to develop broad skills and knowledge suitable for obtaining employment in different companies and industries internationally. Usually, the employment opportunities are related to highly professional, managerial and operational tasks predominately in the administrative and financial areas (i.e. accounting, finance and control). Therefore, the common activities in these areas are mainly related to:

- Disclosing financial information to shareholders and other stakeholders (accounting and financial statements);
- Strategic planning and control for decision making;

- Financial analysis and financial management;
- Internal auditing for optimal corporate achievement.

The proposed program includes a detailed study of the techniques and practices required for the appropriate functioning of these areas of business. This is done by combining accounting and financial statements know-how and organizational and managerial knowledge. Therefore, the study of these financial and management disciplines is carried out together with superior expertise in organization, economics, law and financial-mathematics. Moreover, the program includes specific courses in strategic management and corporate finance.

- Bookkeeping and financial statements, tax, civil and legal requirements;
- Strategic planning and control;

- Financial analysis and management;
- Auditing;
- Organization and Information Systems.

A usual career progression could lead to roles such as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and consequently could allow for obtaining top management positions (i.e. Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director), while at the same time not compromising a possible career progression in other functional areas.

Furthermore, the acquired knowledge and competences allow performing of professional activities in the management consulting area.

The use of English as a main language allows students to learn specific international terminology. Moreover, the business case approach used in the lectures, which involves students in discussions and debates, leads to an improvement of communicational and relational skills.

During the program, students have to apply and follow a minimum internship period of two month in a firm or a company. This allows them to practice the concepts they learned during the modules.

The graduates in International Accounting will be able to continue their studies enrolling in a University Master of Second Level or enrolling in PhD. 

To see Master activated by the School of Management and Economics, see the section of the website.

For the PhD, visit the following website.

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