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Why study International Accounting


The International Accounting degree program (Laurea Magistrale, 2 years, Curriculum from Professioni contabili, LM-77) provides student with an excellent education in accounting, enabling immediate, practical application in the European and global business environment. Graduates will also acquire knowledge in the areas of business and finance. The aim of the program is to endow students with an effective critical mindset, with communication and problem-solving skills, using accounting and financial expertise as a tool, while leading to professional certification, the keystone of success in the financial world.

Core Courses of this program are: Financial Accounting IAS/IFRS, Consolidated Financial Statements, Advanced Auditing, International GAAP, Advanced Financial Accounting or IPSAS, Public Economics, Quantitative Methods for Management, Company Law and International Taxation, Business Combination and Mergers and Acquisitions, Advanced Managerial Accounting, Corporate Management.

The lecture timetable is designed in modular fractions. Each module is taught one at time and builds on the previous module. Each module is considered as a separate unit and is followed by a short break and an appropriate exam.

The use of English as a main language allows students to learn specific international terminology. Moreover, the business case approach used in the lectures, which involves the students in discussions and debates, leads to the improvement of communicational and relational skills.

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