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The regulations for the exams of non-offered past courses

Dear students,

we remember you that starting from a.y. 2017/18, the new Business Administration International Degree course was activated instead of the International Accounting curriculum in the Professioni Contabili Master's Degree. In case you still need to pass a first- or second-year exam, please, consult the table attached. The examination for non-activated courses will be organized according to the program of the courses offered in 2019-20 a.y. All the first- and second-year courses and exams related to the Business Administration programm are held in SAA. Please, verify the correspondence of the old and new course’ code. Remember also to check the supplementary material on the correct Moodle page (check the new courses). In case of specific questions, you may contact the coordination staff ( and/or the teachers by email.

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    Starting from academic year 2018/19 International Accounting programme of Accounting Professions Degree Course in is no longer active.

    For all the information about the exams, please refer to new Business Administration Degree Course.

    For administrative procedures, please consult Professioni Contabili Degree Course.

    In case of specific questions you may send an email to

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